How we help - Life skills training

Wyre Forest and South Worcestershire Nightstop and Mediation Service offers life skills training sessions to offer a wider service to our young people.

Why do we offer life skills training?

This forms part of our homelessness prevention work. For a variety of reasons some young people have not had the opportunity to build life skills that will equip them in later life. We can provide valuable life skills development to vulnerable young people to help them make their own way more successfully and become more attractive to prospective employers.

What can you expect to gain from this?

We currently offer skills development in:

1. Maintaining a tenancy - this course is open to anyone aged 16 - 25 who would like to learn the skills to maintain their own tenancy.

2. Health and Wellbeing. This course is open to anyone aged up to 25 who would like to learn skills to support a better understanding of the importance of good lifestyle choices in relation to their own and/or other’s health and wellbeing.

How can you apply to join our scheme?

If you are interested please contact Lisa on 01562 743111 to find out more.