How we help - Family mediation

Feel that no-one is listening to you?

Our Time2Talk mediation service works with young people and their families to resolve issues which are impacting on relationships at home or school.

You can self refer to the service or be referred by a professional. Please complete a Time 2 Talk mediation referral form here, or you can find another link further down the page. Once we have received the referral, a mediator will contact you to arrange an appointment.

It's helped. It was like a boxing match before. Now it's given us options for dealing with arguments (school drop-in).

What is mediation?

Our team of trained and experienced mediators provide a safe environment for young people and/or family members to come up with their own workable solutions in 2 ways:

Family relationship sessions: Each person involved in mediation will receive an individual session to talk about issues from your point of view. You are then asked if you would like a joint session. If everyone agrees, your mediator will arrange this. This is a managed process and your chance to talk about key issues, find ways forward and if possible work towards agreement. We will continue to support a family with more than one joint session if this is needed.

Drop-in school sessions: a) a young person will be listened to in a safe, supportive environment and encouraged to make positive changes b) supported to develop 3 key areas; communication, relationships, emotional well being c) signposted to other services.

Mediation is voluntary, impartial and confidential. It is free to families in Worcestershire.

It helped me to say things to my mum that I never had before. I was too scared before. If you feel like you can’t speak to your parents or they can’t speak to you in a fair manner, go to mediation (young person).

How can I access mediation?

Anyone aged 11-25 and their parent/carer can access Time2Talk mediation. We cover Wyre Forest and South Worcestershire. Contact Nightstop on 01562 743111 or complete the form below and we will be in touch

Time 2 Talk mediation referral form.

It's been absolutely brilliant, things have been much calmer, we've  been communicating much better. Thank you so much (parent).


Trained mediator


Trained mediator.


Trained mediator.


Trained mediator

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